Roofing Atlanta – Fast Tips

Roofing Atlanta – Fast Tips

We wanted to add a video from Bob Vila on quick tips about roof shingles, so we did! There is so much to roofing that we want to add value in this article for all to appreciate. Roofing Atlanta is another roofing company that is excited to be a part of this blog site in order to give value to all of ther roofing contractors in the Atlanta community.

Below are a few secrets that roofing contractors use due to learning from years of installing roofing.

Roofing Atlanta Cleaning:
We have found out that using a leaf blow works the best. Water and a rake can do to much damage to everything involved. By blowing from the ridge in a downward position, this will remove a lot of the deris from a roof.

Roofing Atlanta Sheathing:
By marking where you rafters are, you can tack the roof sheeting in place. This will help later to know where your rafters are.

Roofing Atlanta Ventilation:
Use the 1 in 150 rule which most manufacturers require roofing contractor to use. Take your sq. footage of the living space and divide that number by 150. This figure will give you the total sq. footage of ventilation one will need for intake and exhaust.

Roofing Atlanta Access:
Any type of ladder safety is important. This is where a ton of unecessary accidents happen due to the fact that one goes up and down the ladder several times when working on a roof.

  • So, tie off your ladder to the roof so it will not slide in any direction.
  • Always have the ladder extend three feet above the roof edge at all times.
  • Always use both hands on the ladder. Also, use a rope tied off to your tools and lift them up when you are on the top of the roof.

Roofing Atlanta Systems:
Most roofing systems have the instructions online review them and ask question if you need to. The more knowledge you can gain the better off you will be.

Placement of the nails is important to have a warranty in place and more importantly for installing a good roof. Most asphalt roofs require four nails. In some high wind areas or with steep mansard type roofs they ask for six.

Clogged Downspouts:
Most roofers will try clearing a clogged downspout by shoveing a garden hose down the downspout, while others will try a leaf blower. Both may be successful but if not, try this.
Using a leaf blower, inserting the nossel into the bottom outlet and blowing upwards will loosen the jam or clog. Always be careful when doing this due to who knows what the heck will come flying out of that downspout.

There you have it! Sheck them out here:

Atlanta Roofing – Metal Roofing Atlanta

Atlanta Roofing – Metal Roofing Atlanta

Hey there,

I’m the owner of Atlanta Roofing Company, just one of the roofing businesses we’ll be talking about in this blog. What we are gonna focus on here is ‘metal roofing in Atlanta’. This is a specific type of roof for various types of buildings.

Our metal roofs have strong durable seam-panels which lock up together for further enforcement. This is the highest of durability that a roof can possibly have.  A study from 2012 stated by the NAHR (National Association of Home Builders) that metal as well as tiled roofing and concrete clay roofing,  will last a lifetime. Of course, they have to be installed correctly which goes without saying!

So, this is used in all states within the USA, however it is imperative in states that have such natural disasters as tornadoes and such. Atlanta, Georgia is a state that uses metal roofin quite often.

Residential metal roofing is actually one of the fastest growing roofing of home improvement. Even more than quadrupling its market share over the past decade which is huge, wouldn’t you say so?

Another benefit is that today’s metal roofs let the homeowners have the ability to upgrade their homes with lasting value due to the metal roofing.

Check out this site for more info on metal roofing Atlanta:

Also, the roofing contractors for metal roofs are growing in numbers to have this their specialty when owning a business. For when one type of roof is prominent in the area than all the roofers need to specialize and know it like the back of their hand!

Atlanta Roofing has just that, experts in this metal roofing needs. If you are in need of a metal roof, check them out for they may even have some kind of deal going on!